Couture Angel Wings

Kyndra Jade, a Kansas City Fashion Designer handmade angel wings gained popularity after she Chased her Wildest Dreams of becoming a runway fashion designer in 2019. Angel wings may seem like an odd start however Kyndra Jade worked as a behind the scenes designer of children's angel wings since 2009 if you are in the photography industry you may have a pair of wings from the past. 

In 2020, after a Tik Tok went viral a story she LOVES to tell. Kyndra Jade was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the first branded designer to have unique props in the world wide cell phone game Covet Fashion, by glu mobile and acquired by EA Sports. Kyndra Jade plays Covet Fashion you can even join her facebook group and chat all things about the game! 

Designer Kyndra Jade handmade angel wings. Elevate your professional photography, boudoir photography, maternity photography or fine art photography with Angel wings in your studio. Trust me when I say they make your clients SOAR.

You can catch Kyndra Jade working on wings live on social media on #wingwednesday and #featherfriday. 

Are you looking for a photographer in your area for a photoshoot? search the hashtag #kyndrasangels to find a photographer or email us! 

Custom handmade angel wings designed for newborns, children, and women.  These custom creations take 6-12 weeks for them to be handmade and then shipped.  Choose from our pre-designed styles or work with designer Kyndra Jade to create a custom look for your photography studio.

Couture Angel Wings